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Verdades Ocultas

Directed by Rossana Lacayo

Hidden Truths gives voice to countless women in Central America who have turned to streets as a means of supporting themselves, thier families and children. As poverty grows and opportunities decrease prostitution becomes a means of survival. Through this unique Latino documentary we enter a world of converging experiences and harsh realities that include AIDS, child abuse and violence, yet a world filled with laughter, hope and humanity. Also included: Brisa Nocturna(Night Breeze): a 30 minute romantic drama set in the exotic tropical island of Omete whre a photographer travels with her husband and his assistant, taunted by the mystery and magic of the island.

Nicaragua 2005
90 Minutes, Color
Spanish Language
English Subtitles
Not Rated

DVD UPC 658769 640335
CAT# VF6403
$19.95 SRP