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Among Brothers

Directed by John Schwer


A murder mystery straight from newspaper headlines. Who was responsible? How did it happen? And Why?

Based on real events, Among Brothers retells the story of the mysterious death of a college girl. While the police determined her death was an accident, the autopsy and other evidence, compiled by her family, tell a different story.

On November 9th 1994, Jennifer Matthews, a senior at Bergan State University, was found dead in her burned down apartment... Police informed her family that her passing appeared to be an accident. Two days later, an autopsy revealed that there was no presence of smoke in Jennifer's lungs... her death was no accident. The police investigation provided no conclusive answers. Dissatisfied with the absence of resolution, Jennifer's brother Tom spent 10 years compiling a timeline of events leading to Jennifer's death in 1994, resulting in a feature film script for AMONG BROTHERS, written by John Schwert in 2004.

Matt Mercer
Corey Cicci
Lauren Schneider
Daniel J. Watts
Lindsay Ayliff

USA 2005
85 Minutes, Color
English Language
Not Rated

DVD UPC 658769 630633
CAT# VF6306
$19.95 SRP