Among Brothers

Urban Tribes - Tribus Urbanas
Directed by: Guillermo Lagunes

Tribus Urbanas es la historia de la Guerra entre las bandas, las cuales se dedican a hacer graffitis, para expresar sus ideas y marcar sus territories. Un cura trata de unir a todas las bandas y asi evitar mas conflictor, para ello consigue unas bardas y organiza un concurso de pintura mural a graffiti.

Urban Tribes is a modern tale of gang battles in Mexico City. As each gang tries to defend their turf, resorting to crime and violence when necessary, a neighborhood priest tries to calm the streets by encouraging a graffiti competition. For a while it seems to be working. When a kid is slain over an
affair with a girl, things spin out of control and both the police and the church must step up their efforts. Set to a pulsating beat of raeggaton music and latino rap, featuring scores of kids from the barrio, talented musicians and graffiti artists. Tribus Urbanas paints a picture of modern Mexico City that is both vibrant and hopeful as it is dangerous and destructive.


Ernesto Gomez Cruz
Jose Carlos Ruiz
Alberto Estrella
Roberto Ballesteros
Liz Palafox
Paul Stanley
Amaya Tames

Mexico 2006
89 Minutes, Color
Spanish Language
with English subtitles
Not Rated

DVD UPC 658769 721232
CAT# VF7212
$19.95 SRP

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